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We grow vegetables too!

Though we are known best for our apples and peaches, we have excellent bi-color (yellow & white) sweet corn, tomatoes, beans, squash, cucumbers, and other vegetables.


Our sweet corn is picked fresh every morning for the farm stand and the Farmers' Markets.


The corn is best steamed or boiled or grilled in its own husk, but if you are planning on keeping it for a longer time you can cut the kernels from the cob and freeze them.


Salads, sandwiches, and snacking are great uses for the varieties of tomatoes that we grow.


Yellow wax beans and italian roma beans are the most popular varieties that we grow and they are excellent both raw and steamed.


We grow butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkins, jack-be-little pumpkins, and several varieties of decorative gourds.

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